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Williams & Javellana, LLP

Chico Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you’ve been looking to take advantage of the best legal services and representatives in Chico, California (and the surrounding area), you’ve come to the right place at Williams & Javellana!

For years and years now, attorney Brandon Williams and his firm have been assisting individuals throughout the area with all of their legal representation and advice needs, making sure that people’s rights are fully protected and that they are able to pursue the kind of recourse that they deserve.

Here is who we are as a firm

Each and every one of the legal professionals employed here at Williams & Javellana understand the importance of making sure that your rights are never infringed upon.

The great people of California deserve to be able to pursue a life of their own creation, and they deserve to be able to do so without worrying about facing persecution, without being involved in a hostile workplace, and without having to worry about malpractice situations, legal separation situations, or custody battles.

When you turn to the legal professionals employed here, you’re going to be partnering up with experts that understand the California judicial system inside and out, as well as partners that will be with you every single step of the way.

You aren’t ever going to have to worry about any “sticky situations” popping up along the way – but will instead be able to enjoy a relatively painless and almost effortless process of legal representation and advice that gives you the results you’re after without you having to sweat along the way.

Here’s why so many people in California choose us

There are a lot of different reasons as to why so many people in California choose us as their legal representatives, but the biggest reason has to be our reputation.

We enjoy a sterling silver reputation throughout the legal community in the area, but also enjoy a top-notch reputation with each and every one of our clients. We have testimonial after testimonial that attests to our ability to effortlessly represent each and every one of our clients in a court of law, but also to negotiate for better settled once to avoid the entire core process altogether.

Our main practices include:

We cover a variety of different legal areas of expertise, and each and every one of our legal representatives in the office has their own “specialty” to assist you in getting the exact results that you’re after.

Some of the areas that we cover include (but certainly aren’t limited to):

… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Contact us today!

If you’d like to learn a little bit more about how we are going to be able to assist you with your legal representation, simply contact our offices at your earliest convenience just by placing a call to (530) 592-4305 or (866) 340-6887.

We will be happy to help out!


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Client Testimonials
Gold standard for professionalism and ethics. Extremely knowledgeable and proficient in handling complex cases. Attorney Javellana took painstaking hours building a civil case, (co-ownership/property rights) and then he presented overwhelming evidence at trial. Mr. Javellana was on point for 3 days at trial where he tactfully asserted a powerful presence in the courtroom and systematically picked apart the defendents and he was quick to respond to the dirty trickery of the defense attorney with undisputable legal arguments. As a result of Mr. Javellana's detailed and powerful representation, the opposing side had no chance. Mr. Javellana was extremely organized and detail oriented throughout. Mr. Javellana won the case across multiple points and most impressively he obtained a permanent injunction against the opposing party. Additionally, Mr. Javellana, represented me with two other cases where his professionalism and his relentless tactical drive continued with successful results. I highly recommend Mr. Javellana. J.M
California June 20, 2015