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Possession of Alcohol Under 21  (Business and Professions Code 25662 BP). In the state of California, there are laws which govern the possession of alcohol under 21. If you or a loved one has been charged with this crime, it is important for you to seek the proper legal counsel. By contacting Williams & Javellana, LLP, you will have an attorney that will aggressively defend the case and will look into the possibilities that may exist for reducing the charges or perhaps even having them dismissed. It will also assist you in understanding what is taking place throughout the process, which is often a matter of stress for many children and guardians alike.

The laws that govern the possession of alcohol by a minor in the state of California can include many different scenarios. Most people consider possession of alcohol to be only consuming alcohol; however, that is incorrect. If an underage individual is in possession of the alcohol or if they purchase alcohol, even if they have not consumed it, they can still be charged with possession. In addition, even holding an open or unopened container of alcohol may constitute possession in certain cases.

Consequences Of Possession Of Alcohol By A Minor

Being charged with possession of alcohol by a minor can result in a number of different charges. If it is the first offense, it may be possible that a fine of $250 will be given and community service of up to 32 hours may be required. This community service will be given at a time which will not affect your normal school hours or your work hours. If it is not your first charge of possession of alcohol by minor, there may be additional consequences. The fine that is given may be up to $500 and additional community service may be necessary, of up to 48 hours. That community service may be required at either a drug or alcohol treatment program, at the judge’s discretion.

Another serious consequence of possession of alcohol by a minor is that your driver’s license will be suspended for 1 year. It is possible to get a restricted license during this period; however, the court has discretion on whether it wants to grant it.

There are also consequences which are possible for individuals who furnish alcoholic beverages to a minor (California Business & Professions Code 25658 BP). The consequences may differ, depending on if it is an individual or if it is a retail business that provided the alcohol. It may also be possible that alcoholic beverages may be seized by a law enforcement officer, if they lawfully enter an area and see that a minor is in possession of alcohol.

There are different defenses which may be possible to help reduce the charges or perhaps, to have them dismissed. In some cases, it may be due to inappropriate conduct by the law enforcement officer. When you contact Williams & Javellana, LLP, he will review the case with you and ask any pertinent questions which will help to bring the possibility for these issues to light. Any questions that you may have in regards to under aged drinking laws and charges will be answered and you can be certain that your case will be looked into, as well as being aggressively defended in court.


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