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In an increasing number of states in the United States, it is legal to cultivate and use marijuana for personal reasons. In the state of California, marijuana cultivation can land you in a lot of hot water. In fact, if you own just a single marijuana plant, you may be guilty of Health and Safety Code § 11358. This is a felony that could be punishable by up to a 10,000 dollars fine and three years in the county prison. If you have been accused of marijuana cultivation, it is important for you to contact Williams & Javellana, LLP. We will defend your case and do what is necessary to ensure that your case is looked at fairly.

Knowing Marijuana Laws In California

Marijuana laws in California may take on different forms, depending upon your circumstances. In some cases, you may be accused and arrested for marijuana cultivation if you handle marijuana seeds. It would also include the act of harvesting; processing the marijuana plant after it has been harvested, trimming, and drying the plant for use. Many people cultivate multiple marijuana plants because of the fact that a single plant is only going to provide a limited amount of usable product. It is likely that, if you have been arrested for marijuana cultivation and have more than one plant, you will also be accused of intent to sell. That is true, even if you are only growing it for your own personal, recreational or medical use.

There are certain defenses to marijuana cultivation that may be considered by Williams & Javellana, LLP, according to your circumstances. It is likely that, if you have been charged with marijuana cultivation, the charge may be reduced to marijuana possession. It may also be possible that the case will be dismissed altogether, depending upon your circumstances. Here are a few of the defenses that may be considered if you have been arrested for marijuana cultivation.

Legal Marijuana Cultivation – The medical marijuana laws in California formed a program known as The Compassionate Use Act of 1996. You may be able to legally cultivate marijuana for medical use, although there may be limits placed on how much marijuana can be cultivated.

Reasonable Doubt – If there is not enough evidence to prove that you cultivated the marijuana plants, it may be possible to have the case dismissed. This defense is sometimes used when the marijuana was grown on a common plot of land.

Illegal Search – the police are responsible for following all marijuana laws in California in the search and seizure of marijuana. If they do not follow those laws, Williams & Javellana, LLP may file for a suppression motion, which could cause the case to be dismissed.

Personal Use – If it is possible to show that you planned on using the marijuana for recreational use and not for sale, the charges may be reduced.

For more information about your marijuana cultivation case and what can be done to defend you, contact Williams & Javellana, LLP. We will be certain to defend you aggressively and to ensure that your case is looked into fairly.


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