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There is no doubt that we are living in tough economic times. As a result of the economic environment, property crimes have been on the increase in recent years. If you have been arrested for a property crime, it’s important for you to contact a qualified property crimes attorney immediately so that you can be represented properly. When you contact Williams & Javellana, LLP in the Chico, Ca. area, you are able to be represented through any number of different types of property crimes both in and out of the court system. What are some of the specific types of property laws that we defend?

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One of the common types of crimes against property that may be committed is burglary. In the state of California, it needs to be determined that you have entered the property without the permission of the owner in order for you to be charged with this crime. This can include entering residential homes, apartments and businesses. You may also be arrested for burglary for entering other types of property as well that may be a bit unusual, including outhouses and tents. You should have the services of Williams & Javellana, LLP available when you are undergoing this type of criminal trial because the penalties can be rather stiff and can end up sticking with you for years. It is important to note, in order for you to be successfully arrested and charged with burglary, it must be proven that you entered into the premises in order to commit a crime. If it was not your intent to commit a crime, the charges may actually be reduced to trespassing.


Shoplifting is a problem that is experienced by many individuals and in most cases, it is considered to be petty theft. It is still a serious charge, however, so it’s important for you to contact Williams & Javellana, LLP so that you have an attorney to help you through the process. If you stole something that is valued at less than $50, it is generally going to be charged as an infraction. This is less severe than a misdemeanor and typically, will result in a fine of under $250. If you are being charged with shoplifting and stealing something that is between $50 and $400, it may be misdemeanor petty theft which could carry up to six months in jail and a heavier fine.

Grand Theft Auto

Yet another problem that is experienced by some individuals is grand theft auto. This is a crime that can either be charged as a felony or misdemeanor, depending upon the prosecution. If it is your first offense, you may end up with a fine of up to $5000 and a year in jail.

Regardless of the property crimes with which you are charged, it’s important for you to have the legal counsel necessary to help you with the situation. These are serious crimes that can carry hefty fines and even jail time. Contact Williams & Javellana, LLP today for more information about what they can do for you and the property crimes charges you are facing.


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Gold standard for professionalism and ethics. Extremely knowledgeable and proficient in handling complex cases. Attorney Javellana took painstaking hours building a civil case, (co-ownership/property rights) and then he presented overwhelming evidence at trial. Mr. Javellana was on point for 3 days at trial where he tactfully asserted a powerful presence in the courtroom and systematically picked apart the defendents and he was quick to respond to the dirty trickery of the defense attorney with undisputable legal arguments. As a result of Mr. Javellana's detailed and powerful representation, the opposing side had no chance. Mr. Javellana was extremely organized and detail oriented throughout. Mr. Javellana won the case across multiple points and most impressively he obtained a permanent injunction against the opposing party. Additionally, Mr. Javellana, represented me with two other cases where his professionalism and his relentless tactical drive continued with successful results. I highly recommend Mr. Javellana. J.M
California June 20, 2015