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Robbery (California Penal Code 211 PC)

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Have you been charged with robbery? This is a very serious charge and you must have the proper legal counsel to ensure that your case has the best outcome that is possible. Regardless of whether you are charged with first or second-degree robbery, you can contact Williams & Javellana, LLP for assistance and get a robbery attorney. Not only can we provide you with answers to your questions and guidance throughout the process, we will also act in your half aggressively to ensure that you have the best outcome for your case. This could include the possibility that your charges will be reduced or perhaps even dismissed altogether. What are the different types of robbery?

First-Degree Robbery – Any robbery that takes place in an inhabited dwelling, including trailers, vessels and houses can be considered a first-degree robbery. Additional types of a first-degree robbery can include robbing people while they are using an ATM, robbing either the driver or passengers inside of a taxi and robberies that occur on the subways, trains and trolleys. This type of robbery with violence can carry punishments of up to 9 years in state prison.

Second-Degree Robbery – Second-degree robbery is rather broadly defined. If any robbery takes place that does not fit into the first-degree robbery as was described above, it may be a case of second-degree robbery. The prison terms may be lighter with second-degree robbery, but it still can be up to 5 years in the state prison.

What is the Penal Code for Robbery

It is also possible for the punishment to be heavier if the robbery occurred while using a weapon. If you have a weapon on your person and use it as a type of intimidation while committing the robbery, it may add up to 10 years to your prison term. If you use a firearm during the robbery and discharge it during the robbery, even if no one is hurt, it can add up to 20 years to your prison term. Carjacking is also a type of robbery and in some cases, it can result in a robbery charge of up to 9 years.

There are also other types of crimes which can be considered robbery in certain circumstances, including burglary. This would be a crime where you would enter a building or residence with the intent to commit a felony. It is classified as a felony, although it is often misunderstood. Burglary is not always associated with theft. If you enter into a building or residence with the intent to commit any type of felony, it can be considered a burglary.

All of these factors can be discussed with you by Williams & Javellana, LLP when you contact him. He will help you to understand the types of charges that you may be facing and what can be done in order to defend your case, according to your circumstances. You can rest assured, when you use Williams & Javellana, LLP to assist you with any robbery charges, you will be defended properly.


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