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Violation of Probation Chico CA

Are you facing the possibility of a violation of probation in California? This could result in serious consequences and possibly, even in your incarceration. Rather than facing these charges on your own, you should contact Williams & Javellana, LLP to ensure that your case is defended properly. We can discuss your case with you and do what is necessary to ensure that you have a favorable outcome. If possible, we will either have the charges reduced against you or we will aggressively defend your case to have the charges dropped.

Violation of Probation Lawyer CA

More than likely, you are on probation because you were given an opportunity for a lesser punishment when you were found guilty of a crime. For example, the judge may have given you the possibility for probation instead of having you go to jail, which may have been a possibility in your conviction. You are provided with a checklist of things that needed to be done as well as things that were not able to be done during the time that you were on probation. In addition, there was a set amount of time that was given for probation after which, it would likely expire.

How To Get Out Of A Probation Violation Early?

Unfortunately, if you are found guilty of a violation of probation, it could have fairly serious consequences. Although you may have avoided jail time in favor of being on probation, the judge may rule that you are to be put into jail for the entire time that could have been part of the original conviction. Of course, there are going to be differences in the punishment, depending upon the type of probation that exists. For example, there are differences between felony probation and misdemeanor probation. Although each may have terms that are enforced, the punishment for violation of probation may be different.

Being charged with a violation of probation is not always going to guarantee jail time if you are convicted. Although there may be cases in which the judge feels that you should go to jail, they may also consider other consequences for your actions. Included among those consequences are extensions of the probation time, counseling or even additions that are added to the terms of your probation. In some cases, community service may also be required or, if the violation of probation included the use of a controlled substance, you may be required to enter into a treatment program. violation of felony probation

Being convicted of a violation of felony probation can have severe consequences that could affect you for a long time to come. Legal experts can show you how to get out of a probation violation early. That is why it is important for you to contact Williams & Javellana, LLP, as soon as you are charged with the crime of violating your probation. By using the experience of Williams & Javellana, LLP in defending your case, you can feel comfortable with the fact that everything will be done in order to ensure that a favorable outcome is experienced. Williams & Javellana, LLP can also assist you in understanding what is taking place throughout the process so that your stress levels are reduced.


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Gold standard for professionalism and ethics. Extremely knowledgeable and proficient in handling complex cases. Attorney Javellana took painstaking hours building a civil case, (co-ownership/property rights) and then he presented overwhelming evidence at trial. Mr. Javellana was on point for 3 days at trial where he tactfully asserted a powerful presence in the courtroom and systematically picked apart the defendents and he was quick to respond to the dirty trickery of the defense attorney with undisputable legal arguments. As a result of Mr. Javellana's detailed and powerful representation, the opposing side had no chance. Mr. Javellana was extremely organized and detail oriented throughout. Mr. Javellana won the case across multiple points and most impressively he obtained a permanent injunction against the opposing party. Additionally, Mr. Javellana, represented me with two other cases where his professionalism and his relentless tactical drive continued with successful results. I highly recommend Mr. Javellana. J.M
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