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Most individuals who are undergoing a divorce in California are going to have some concern over the possibility of alimony. Regardless of which side of the case you happen to be on, you may be asking questions such as, how is alimony calculated and how long is it going to last. It is important to understand that the issues associated with alimony may differ from one case to another. That is why it is important for you to contact Williams & Javellana, LLP if you are going through a divorce. Williams & Javellana, LLP can answer your questions and can help you with your case to ensure that it works in your favor.

In California, alimony, which is also referred to as spousal support, is a payment that occurs from one spouse to the other to assist the receiving spouse maintain his or her marital standard of living during and after a divorce.  Spousal support payments may begin at any time after the separation occurs if a divorce is planned. It is important that no alimony payments are made before the proper paperwork is filed with the court system. If payment is made prior to the papers being filed, the fact that it is alimony may be disputed at a future date. Williams & Javellana, LLP can assist you in this regard to make sure that the necessary papers are filed properly.

During the pendency of a divorce action, a party may be entitled to temporary spousal support. This is a payment that is made on a regular basis from the spouse who earns more money to the one who earns less money. The term “temporary” is given to this type of alimony because it is only given as a means of financial support during the time that the divorce proceedings are taking place. Once a permanent alimony award is given, the temporary alimony will stop.

Permanent alimony, which is also called long-term support, is a type of support payment that is given from one spouse to the other. Permanent alimony replaces temporary alimony and it is designed to adjust the standard of living of the supported spouse to one that is close to what was enjoyed during the marriage. Permanent alimony occurs after the divorce takes place.

In some cases, the permanent alimony may be decided amicably between the couple but if an agreement is not able to be reached, the courts may get involved. This would allow a judge to determine the duration and amount of the long-term support that is provided. The court will take certain factors into consideration, such as the marketable skills of the supported spouse and the financial needs and obligations of both spouses.

The duration which permanent alimony is paid may vary from one case to another. In some cases, such as marriage which lasted a very short amount of time, support may not be necessary at all. It is also important to understand, either spouse may be able to request a modification or termination of alimony, if the initial support order allows for it.

Alimony cases can be difficult and it is going to affect both the payor spouse and the supported spouse for quite some time. Make sure that you call on the services of Williams & Javellana, LLP for assistance during this difficult time. Not only can he help you in getting the paperwork filed properly, he can assist you both in and out of the court system in determining the alimony and spousal support that is going to be paid.


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