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If you share a child with someone who you are no longer in a relationship with, a court order for child support may be issued. It is important to understand that you do not need to have been married to someone in order for the court to award child support. A child support will specify a certain amount of money that is to be paid by one parent to the other in order to ensure that the child’s needs are satisfied. In the state of California, a guideline child support formula is utilized to calculate child support. Under this formula, there are specific guidelines and factors that are considered such as the number of children, the income of each parent and how much time the children spend with each parent.

One of the factors that will be considered for calculating child support is the net disposable income of each parent. This is determined by taking the gross annual income, subtracting deductions and dividing it by 12. In doing so, the monthly amount will be able to be determined. The gross income which may be considered for child support includes wages, commissions, bonuses, dividends, pensions, rental income, interest, disability insurance benefits, trust income, royalties, workers comp, unemployment, Social Security and spousal support. If spousal support is considered in the gross income, it must come from a parent that is not associated with the child in this child-support action. Some of the deductions that will be taken from the gross income include union dues, federal or state tax obligations, health insurance premiums, necessary expenses and hardship expenses.

What can you do if the parent who is to be paying child support intentionally becomes underemployed or unemployed to avoid paying child support? This is something that is frowned on by the court system. Williams & Javellana, LLP can assist you in bringing this out to the courts and in many cases, to get the judge to impute income to the offending parent. This will be done by considering the earning ability of the other parent.

It is important to obtain legal representation when dealing with child support issues as it can be a very stressful time in your life. Contact Williams & Javellana, LLP for additional information and assistance through the process. He will work in your favor to ensure that things take place as they should.


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