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In California, when individuals who share children together are no longer in a relationship an agreement needs to be reached on how the parenting time and responsibilities are going to be divided. This can either be done amicably, between the two parents, or the courts will need to be involved. Because there are such serious issues that are involved in visitation, you would want to seek the legal assistance of Williams & Javellana, LLP. This is both for your protection and for the protection of the children involved in the case.

One important thing to understand about parenting time and visitation responsibilities is the fact that it can be difficult to enforce, unless the courts are involved. If the visitation rights are decided upon by the courts, legal papers are going to be filed, and the agreement can be enforced more easily. If the parents agree on visitation rights, it can be difficult to enforce them unless a legal court order is issued. The courts can be called on to incorporate visitation plans into an enforceable visitation and custody order by the court systems, even if they agree among themselves.

There are a few different factors which may be incorporated into the custody and visitation order. One of the primary factors is going to be the amount of time that the child is with each parent. This would include any special time that is to be divided among the parents, such as holidays, vacations or birthdays. There is also often an issue with transportation of the children between the homes or to various extracurricular activities. It is always best if the parents work out an amicable agreement among themselves. In some cases, however, a high rate of conflict may exist between the parents and additional safeguards may need to be put in place. These may include neutral drop-off or pickup locations or perhaps the inclusion of a third-party, which would be present during exchanges.

Unfortunately, there are many situations where one parent interferes with the rights of the other. This may be due to a perceived threat or due to issues that may arise from nonpayment of child support. Although there may be times when an emergency situation would require one parent to take possession of the child during the other parent’s visitation time, it is a breach of a legal agreement. In California, keeping the child from the allowed visitation time with the other parent can be considered child abduction.

Regardless of whether you have visitation established and are trying to modify it or if you have yet to establish parent time, you can count on Williams & Javellana, LLP to assist you. It is not only your rights that are being considered during the visitation process, it is also the rights, safety and welfare of the child. Don’t go through this difficult process alone; call on Williams & Javellana, LLP to assist you with it.


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