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In the state of California, as is the case with most states in the United States, it is necessary for a property owner to maintain their property in a way that offers a reasonably safe environment for those that are visiting. This is not simply an issue that is associated with businesses or those that own public property, residential homeowners are also responsible for maintaining the property in a similar manner. The area of law that is associated with this responsibility is known as premises liability. If you have been injured as a result of the negligence of someone to care for the property properly, you may have a premises liability case. You can contact Williams & Javellana, LLP for assistance in dealing with such a case successfully.

Most people are surprised to learn about premises liability and everything that may be associated with it. Some of the more common reasons why a premises liability case may occur are due to injuries from accidents that occur on the property. For example, those types of injuries may take place because of slip and fall accidents or accidents that occur in a swimming pool. Premises liability also may be associated with any animals that are on the property. Dog bites and other types of animal attacks can cause serious injury. Regardless of whether the animal was on the owner’s property or not, it is their responsibility to control the animal to avoid such injuries.

Some of the more surprising reasons why a premises liability cases may occur are not typically an issue for most homeowners. They may, however, be a common issue that can occur on commercial property or in the workplace. For example, toxic exposure to chemicals on the property could be a case for premises liability. Any defects or code violations that exist on the property could also lead to one of these cases as well. Even accidents that occur in the parking lot of a commercial property could result in a premises liability case being brought against the owner of the property.

There are a number of issues that may be involved with a premises liability case that will need to be considered. Although a number of different accidents could result in one of these cases, it is necessary for proof to be given that the injury occurred on the property. It is also necessary to prove that the injury occurred as a result of negligence or carelessness on the part of the property owner.

If you have been injured and feel that you have a premises liability case, you can contact Williams & Javellana, LLP to move forward. We will discuss the situation with you and investigate as to whether you have a case which can move forward. If you have been injured as a result of carelessness or negligence of the property owner, we will defend your case aggressively to ensure that you get the outcome that is deserved. That is true, regardless of whether it results in a settlement or if it must go to court.


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Gold standard for professionalism and ethics. Extremely knowledgeable and proficient in handling complex cases. Attorney Javellana took painstaking hours building a civil case, (co-ownership/property rights) and then he presented overwhelming evidence at trial. Mr. Javellana was on point for 3 days at trial where he tactfully asserted a powerful presence in the courtroom and systematically picked apart the defendents and he was quick to respond to the dirty trickery of the defense attorney with undisputable legal arguments. As a result of Mr. Javellana's detailed and powerful representation, the opposing side had no chance. Mr. Javellana was extremely organized and detail oriented throughout. Mr. Javellana won the case across multiple points and most impressively he obtained a permanent injunction against the opposing party. Additionally, Mr. Javellana, represented me with two other cases where his professionalism and his relentless tactical drive continued with successful results. I highly recommend Mr. Javellana. J.M
California June 20, 2015